Maternity Me-Made-May Week Three (32 wks pregnant)

Here’s week three of my Maternity Me-Made-May 2014 (my goal is 3 me-made or re-made jewellery or clothing/week):


This week, I just made the minimum of my goal. The Megan Nielsen ruched maternity skirt twice (which I love right now) and a me-made red necklace.

Thurs: Ruched maternity skirt and borrowed blouse. This was at the end of a long day and I almost forgot to get a picture for the blog, hence the late night snapshot of me washing the dishes.

Fri: Red necklace I made this past fall, a mix of ceramic, glass and wooden beads.

Sat: Another ruched maternity skirt day. Paired with this great top that my talented friend Gillian made for me and brought over this morning. Love it!

What I appreciate about doing me-made-may in my 8th month of pregnancy is having fun with clothes, and taking photos to celebrate this body, the baby it’s making, and the outfits I’ve put extra time and labour into. This baby-manufacturing business has obviously changed my body, and it’s pretty amazing what’s going on in there. Most people are really positive and encouraging, but sometimes the body-scrutiny and weight-gain commenting can be a bit much. The me-made challenge helps to keep me feeling positive and playful about my changing body and wardrobe.