Maternity Me-Made-May 2014 week two (31 wks pregnant)

Here’s week two of my Maternity Me-Made-May 2014 (my goal is 3 me-made or re-made jewellery or clothing/week):


Sun May 11: (laundry basket pic) Squeezed into my non-maternity Staple Dress (for the last time of this pregnancy), but then forgot to take a picture of myself wearing it.

Wed May 14: Wearing teal h&m tights that I re-made to be maternity-friendly by replacing the medium sized elastic band with one that will fit  around my into-my-8th-month pregnant belly. Also wearing a friend-made tunic that Gillian whipped up for me in about 5 minutes out of some jersey that was languishing in her stash (merci!).

Thurs May 15: My favourite me-made glass bead necklace.

Fri May 16: There’s-a-baby-in-there red and white striped Renfrew top (the belly as I see it when I try to look at my feet).