there’s-a-baby-in-there Seafarer top

I recently made my first top out of jersey knit! I made it in one day, from fabric-purchase to trimming the final threads. This is “the Seafarer top” by Sew Much Ado. While searching for maternity top patterns I came across her blog post about her “knocked up” variation of the Seafarer, and thought I’d give it a try for my first jersey/pregnancy sewing project. I scaled the pattern size between a medium and large to accommodate my 2nd trimester, growing pear-shape. In the “knocked up” 3rd trimester Seafarer variation, the pattern designer also added an inch to the bottom of the front, which I haven’t done in this version.


Since it was my first go at knits, I picked up some $4/m poly-cotton jersey from f-land. It’s not the nicest fabric, but it served its purpose, got me over my fear of knits, and boosted my confidence to cut into the super nice and soft but pricy bamboo jersey I also picked up recently.  The pocket fabric my sister may recognize from a sundress she made probably 15 years ago.

I don’t have a serger and wanted to see what my basic machine with a walking foot and jersey needle could do. I’m generally pleased with the result; however, using a zigzag stitch on the seams means that they are not very smooth. I’m also not very pleased with the topstitching around the neckline. It looks ok, but isn’t very even in stitch length or in my manouvering around the curve. I also was using black thread instead of a closer brown-match. oh well. I also had to pick out and re-sew some seams because the bottom piece of fabric had slipped down underneath when I was running it through the machine and I was left with a hole.

I love the waist and arm bands and they contribute to a nice fit, especially around the baby belly. It was a new adventure stretching them to meet the main bodice fabric. I had pinned them out, but it was still finicky, and not super even. My friend Gillian’s tutorial showing pinning only a few spots and stretching the bands out while sewing will come in handy for the next time I sew with bands.

Have you made the Seafarer, or the “knocked up” version? What are your other go-to maternity sewing patterns?