Baby Bibs on a Snowy Saturday

It snowed today in Southern Ontario, what?! Yep, in October, we had rain, then big fluffy wet snow. We called off our plans to hike and I bought fabric, sewed these bibs, and set up this blog. It was a sewingful day.


(this orange glow is unaccounted for, just weird lighting no instagram filters… I swear this is a lovely bright green, not an orange-green)

I have made quite a number of bibs in this style over the past few years, but don’t seem to have any photos, and I gave them all away to friends as baby gifts.  I bought a JJ Cole bib at a fancy baby shop really close to my former Halifax apartment and traced it. I’ve been using that same trace over and over.

For some, I have embroidered the baby’s name on the front. The bibs I made today are for a family friend’s baby shower tomorrow, but the baby isn’t born yet, so no name to stitch and I went with any-gender-friendly colours and prints. Gotta love winnie the pooh (even the disney illustrations), and I’m partial to animals, like these elephants, as baby clothes motifs.

The winnie the pooh fabric was actually not big enough (1/4m cut), so I had to piece on the around-the-neck parts. I’m pretty happy with how well they blended in. The backing is white flannel. I know white is not the most practical bib colour, but it matches.

The fasteners are the main modification I’ve made in my different versions. I first tried no-sew/hammer-together metal snaps, but was concerned that they were too hard to unfasten from an antsy baby. I then went with adhesive velcro, which was a total fail, and didn’t stick to the fabric very well. I think I also did a handsewn button and hole version. This time I went with sew on velcro, which holds well, but it is still really wide for the narrow around-the-neck parts. I had to trim the edges down so they won’t be pointy near baby’s neck.

If I’ve given one of these to you, let me know how it fits and how the design can be improved 🙂 I had a positive review on one I made out of super soft fleece and flannel; my friend said it was her plastic-bib-hating-baby’s favourite.

Have you made bibs before? What is the best way to fasten them?