some past quilt projects made with lovely friends


This is a baby quilt me and some lovely school-afiliated Halifax friends made as a gift for the first of the Dalhousie Master of Planning babies. Black crows were on the original pattern we roughly followed (appologies I don’t remember who to credit the pattern to), but we decided to make ours with colourful birds out of printed patterns. I would make this again. The geometric birds were pretty easy to make, and it made for a good collective project as we all worked on our bird squares. They ended up slightly different, but the diversity of birds just made it better.

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We also made this quilt together as a wedding gift. We were going for night sky colours – so dark purples, blacks and gold for stars/intense contrast. I really like the layout/pattern. It is whimsical and you can play with the pattern and balance of squares quite a bit by turning the blocks.


This is another collective project for a wedding gift. This was a cross-country effort. We all worked on embellishing little squares then mailed them all to Vancouver where they were quilted by someone we hired with a fancy machine. We were all excited to arrive at the wedding and see the final product.