Laptop Sleeve with Cape Breton Buttons

2013-09-05 14.13.35I recently made this laptop sleeve.

I sort of followed this tutorial, but mostly made it up myself since laptop dimensions vary. I didn’t  want to buy new quilting batting for this, so I cut up my older, very ugly black neoprene laptop bag and used the neoprene and some other synthetic foam that was in that old bag as the cushion for this new, much cuter sleeve. What I especially liked about the tutorial I followed is that the quilting is done from the lining side, so the outside appears  slick and smooth.

The fabric is black linen and this great geometric lines cotton from the Greenwood Quiltery, a dangerously tempting fabric store I live too close to. The patterned material is also inside the flap and a bit down into the sleeve, but most of the lining is a tan slight sheen fabric I inherited at some point.

2013-10-26 16.35.40

The buttons I picked up a few years ago at a garage sale in Sydney, Cape Breton. I got a whole bag of vintage buttons, some old hat pins, and even some interesting military buttons: one with a crown and the word “canada”, and another that says “the uk majesties, canada 1939” with cameos of the king and queen on them. One day I sat down in front of the TV and trimmed off all the old threads, cleaned off the dust, and now have a great little collection. Red and turquoise is one of my favourite colour combinations.

The bands that link around the buttons are hair elastics. And where you see some less than pretty top-stitching is where I accidentally melted one of them (sleepy ironing), and had to sneak in another one. I’m a little concerned these elastics might break, but so far so good!

2013-09-05 14.16.10